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MIRADOR | Journal of the Kitsch

Journal of the Kitsch

by Étienne Azar Philippe

Journal of the Kitsch is a self-initiated project by Paris-based Art Director Étienne Azar Philippe. Throughout the pages we come across all kinds of themes closely associated to our idea o kitsch.

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MIRADOR | David Massara

David Massara

Graphic Designer

David Massara is a graphic designer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. He graduated from ERACOM in 2015 with a degree in Visual Communication Design and have worked in parallel in the design industry since four years.

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MIRADOR | Crispin Finn

Crispin Finn

Anna Fidalgo & Roger Kelly

Crispin Finn is the pseudonym for duo Anna Fidalgo and Roger Kelly. Based in London and Margate, the pair creates illustration, design, screen prints, stationery, ephemera and assorted wares.

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MIRADOR | Adrian Riemann

Adrian Riemann

Graphic Designer

Adrian Riemann is a graphic designer and art director living and working in Stuttgart, Germany. He focuses on conceptual projects, branding, printed matters and identities.

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Studio AH-HA

Communication & graphic design studio

Studio AH—HA pursues creative interests across a variety of mediums: from brand strategy to interior design, identity work, traditional and fine print, retail and product design, photography and illustration.

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MIRADOR | Jan Novák

Jan Novák

Graphic Designer

Jan Novák is a graphic designer born in 1989. He has studied in Prague (Czech Republic) and Zurich (Switzerland) and worked in New York (US), currently based in Berlin (Germany).

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MIRADOR | Fort Point

Fort Point

by Manual

As San Francisco’s fastest growing craft brewery, Fort Point creates balanced, thoughtful beers that reference traditional styles, but are by no means bound to them. Locally based Manual took care of the branding.

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