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by Mildred & Duck

Melbourne based design studio Mildred & Duck were approached to create an identity for Souk, a new bar and restaurant, that would visually interpret their modern take on Middle Eastern food.

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MIRADOR | The Birthdays Design

The Birthdays Design

Graphic Design Studio

The Birthdays Design is the Graphic design studio of K. Yiannakopoulou & G. Strouzas, founded in 2013 and based in Athens, Greece. The studio works internationally and focuses in typographic systems.

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MIRADOR | Ross Paul McEwan

Ross Paul McEwan

Graphic/Print Designer

Ross Paul McEwan is a print and graphic designer based in London, UK. This is a part of his personal and experimental work on which he has been working since the beginning of 2018.

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MIRADOR | Cansu Merdamert

Cansu Merdamert

Art Director & Illustrator

Cansu Merdamert is an art director and illustrator based in Istanbul, Turkey. Her work is focused on logo, brand identity, packaging design & illustration.

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Baba G

by Shaun Hill

Named after the Middle Eastern aubergine dish babaganoush, Baba G is a small rotisserie deli based in Johannesburg, South Africa, focusing on street food with a fusion of Afro-Mediterranean flavours.

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MIRADOR | Proud of Lithuania

Proud of Lithuania

by Boy

‘Proud of Lithuania. A Fairy Tale by Sweet Root’ is a project by Vilnius based design studio Boy. The book is about the beauty of their motherland, Lithuania. The storyteller of this fairy tale is the ‘Sweet Root’ restaurant.

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MIRADOR | Julien Hébert

Julien Hébert

Graphic Designer

Julien Hébert is a graphic designer based in Montréal, Quebec. His work is recognisable thanks to its bold typographic and colour choices.

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